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Cory Baxter (pronounced: B0ss Edit

Cory is a server player that comes on rarely, although when he does come, things become interesting. Cory has been accused of hacking, considering he has been banned by the admins on many occasions.When he comes he usually announce his hatred for bonk and proceeds to make very hateful statements about the server owner while spamming "Cory in the house" theme song very loud. He is usually banned by the admins, even permabanned, but still manages to come back to the server. But some days, he would just join and do nothing. It appears like he's afk but he is nowhere to be seen in the map.

Origin Edit

No one knows where this Cory Baxter character comes from. Some say it's just one of the admins or mods but none of the staff members changed their name to Cory Baxter in recent event. He is also believed to be Michael Jackson's ghost haunting the servers due to a severe cocane addiction (this has not been proven, yet this is the only logical conclusion we have)